Have Your Holiday Getaway In Folly Beach South Carolina

In South Carolina, especially near Charleston, a small barrier Folly Island is located. Folly Beach can be found on that island. 18.9 square miles is the total area of this island that is known also as the ìThe Edge of Americaî. This Folly Beach is an ideal town for people on vacation mode. Near this beach are a few of the known surfing places of the country. You can have your dream of quality time in a vibrant beach town become reality at Folly Beach, an ideal location for you.

Check out The Place And See Charles Harbor

Attending lots of activities accessible in Folly Beach is not really a bad thing but can shorten your whole stay in the town, limiting you to go to other actual locations. You should take a couple of hours out of your day as soon as you arrive and just travel across the city and perhaps even check out a few other parts of the island. You will have countless of picture taking in those magnificent areas. These wonderful sceneries are almost everywhere. Ensure that you stop and revel in the sights at the Charles Harbor while you are there.

Top Vacation spot when you are in Folly Beach

Folly Beach Pier

Do you want to see how great you are in fishing? Then the Folly Beach Pier is a great place to check out while you’re on vacation. Pier to the ocean is about 1.045 stretched. It is 25-feet wide and it also stands at 23-feet above sea level. In the East Coast of the United States, this area is recognized to one of the longest fishing piers. Not only that, this place is a location for different events too which happen many times in a year. You can advantage of the Folly Beach vacation rentals that are not far from the pier. You do not even need a ride to get there, merely a walking distance.

Folly Island

Your entire vacation does not be on the beach most of your time. There are parts of the island that are only awaiting you to be discovered. The inner island may offer you a better offer of vacation as compared to the beaches. Who knows that you might like it? The land area of the island is just around 7 sq.miles. Itís just enough to explore within a day but not sufficient if you truly want to explore the real beauty of the island. The island has a lot of historical landmarks due to the role it played during the Civil War.

Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve

The Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve is most likely one of the finest places on Folly Island’s beachfront. Itís a small park where you can see the inlet and the Morris Island lighthouse. It’s on the northeastern part of the island. If you want to visit the beach, you can follow the pave from the park to its gate going outside. When you reach the beach, there will be plenty of activities to do. In the preserve, you can take pleasure in the wildlife, or you can go to lighthouses and enjoy all of them, or just be on the beach, surfing.